Kinesio™ Taping

What is the Kinesio™ muscle taping method?

Kinesio™ Method enhances the body’s natural healing process and provides support through the muscles.

How can something so gentle be so effective to reduce pain?

KTM allows for full range of motion. It does not negatively affect circulation, since there is no wrapping, and therefore no impediment of blood flow. KTM is a “light” modality. In rehabilitative applications it works continuously, so each treatment can continue for 2 to 3 days. KTM is like having healing hands to put on the area 24 – 7.

The KTM starts with two basic muscle taping techniques. These are used to balance muscles and bring them up to functional level. The first is applied for overuse and acute injuries and for rehabilitation. In such cases the tape is applied insertion to origin. The second is applied for increased muscle function and to address chronic conditions. Origin to insertion taping is used here.

In addition to these basic techniques, there are many correctional procedures that deal with positioning as well as other specific purposes such as pain relief. All the correctional procedures are specific, including treatments for cerebral palsy, pediatric needs, lymphoedema and a host of other specific conditions. Call the clinic today and schedule an appointment, we’ll be happy to discuss how our techniques can help benefit your life.
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