We get a lot of “thank you” notes from my patients, and we are always humbled at how we were able to help someone enjoy their life again.

Mark Phillips & Jessie Leuenberger, celebrating a goal in the state semi-finals.

Mark Phillips

Mark played soccer at Bear Creek and Crossfire Premier. Below is an email from his father, Dan.

Dear Justin,

Thanks for your help getting Mark back to match fitness in time for the high school playoff games. You helped turn around a disastrous situation as Mark recovered very quickly and enjoyed some experiences which will last a lifetime. Please feel free to pass this result along to other prospective patients.During a fast break in a game in October a goalkeeper intentionally kicked Mark in the left thigh. He went down hard, had a dead leg and sat out the second half of that game. The following week he injured the adductor in his right thigh in a manner I thought had to have been from overcompensating for the sore left. The second injury looked similar to others that have taken six weeks or longer to heal. The high school season had less than a month to go so a recovery that long would end his season, including playoffs. So starting Sunday, October 23rd, we sent him to you for therapy. He went three times total and religiously did the exercises you prescribed. He also kept the athletic tape on his leg as long as possible.

The injury made him miss three games including the first District playoff. Fortunately Bear Creek won so he got to play in the next elimination game against their biggest rivals, Tacoma Baptist. He scored twice and they won that game 3-2. Bear Creek played the semi-finals and consolation finals the following weekend and Mark scored two in both of those games. The ultimate outcome was not what the team wanted as they ended up 4th in state (2-3 both games), but Mark got to contribute and helped his team come within 4 minutes of a big upset against the defending state champs.

From the time of the injury, October 22nd, to the last playoff game, November 19th, less than a month passed. Given how much he was limping in late October I did not think the odds were good for him to play at all, much less be effective. And even though the team did not take home the trophy, Mark got a couple of consolation prizes. Going into the playoffs he had all but given up on winning the Golden Boot award as his missed games meant his rival went six goals up on him. His team held that striker scoreless and eliminated the team, though, so his 6 playoff goals were exactly what was needed to close the gap. So he ended up tied for the Golden Boot Award and was also named First Team All State for his third time.

Kelley and I appreciate your help and hope others can have the same type of experience.

Warm Regards,

Dan Phillips

I hadn’t been able to perform since fracturing my arm 25 years ago...

Twenty five years ago, while bodysurfing in Maui, Hawaii on Thanksgiving Day, I got tossed by a wave and suffered a major injury to my right elbow. I sustained fractures in both the radius and humerus bones in multiple spots, and my only option was surgical repair. The surgeon at Stanford Medical Center, also the team doctor for the Stanford University football team, told me it was the worst injury he’d seen all year, and, he reminded me, it was late November. Although several months of physical therapy allowed me to rebuild muscle and regain close to full extension of my arm, I was unable to bend it fully and could no longer even flex it far enough to touch my shoulder with my right hand. This limitation made my arm feel cramped and sore, and caused me to flex my wrist in a position perpendicular to my forearm for buttoning clothing, or fastening jewelry close to my neck. This flexion placed extra pressure on my wrist which may have hastened the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome some years later.

I began treatment with Dr. Justin Lee to relieve pain in my hands, neck and previously injured elbow. Dr. Lee performed a combination of Graston techniques and manual manipulations to improve my flexibility. After the first half hour session with him, I was able to touch my right shoulder with my fingertips, an action I hadn’t been able to perform since fracturing my arm 25 years ago. Having this additional range of motion is allowing me more normal use of both my arm and wrist, and I am confident will help mitigate the pain and numbness I have been experiencing in my hands.

After 30 years... what a success story!

On Wednesday I swam the 1,650 (mile) at US Masters National Championships. My time was 19:21.44 which placed third for my age group, 50-55’s. I would humbly suggest that is faster than some soccer coaches can walk a mile ;). I’ll bring in the medal when you work on my rotator cuff.

They interviewed me for my work with SU Swimming and played it on the big screen. It is part of the Day 1 Video Recap at http://usms.org; Events tab; then some daily video sections.

This might be the wrong format for you but thought you should know anyway. Thanks for helping me get the sacro-tuberous into health so I could even dive in!

 - Dan Phillips
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