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The Essentials to Healthy Living

Our philosophy of wellness care is simple. Give the body what it needs and you’ll be healthy. This philosophy of health can be summed up with the Essentials of Healthy Living.

The foundation of living a maximized life are the 5 essentials. They are called the 5 essentials because each one is absolutely necessary to live the full, healthy life that you were intended to live. These 5 Essentials are the irreducible minimums meaning that you need to do these five things if you do nothing else, to keep the cells in your body in top shape and replicating normally for optimal body function.
#1 Avoidance and reduction of medications and other toxins:

We all know that you die or get really sick from being poisoned. This includes exposure to chemicals and carcinogens found in medications. Only your medical doctor can prescribe drugs or tell you to get off drugs, our role is to make you aware of the hazards of poor lifestyle decisions while helping you to create optimum function and healing in your body. Work with your medical doctors to help you reduce or eliminate the drugs you are on.
#2 Maximum Nerve Supply:

The central nervous system is your brain and spinal cord. This system is the central computer and master control system of the entire body. If there is disturbance or interference with CNS function, everything breaks down. Emotional stress is one factor that affects, or interferes with, your CNS function. Also, misalignment of the spinal column directly affects and even damages long-term nervous system function.
#3 Quality Nutrients:

As a result of a diet void of necessary nutrients or an inability to absorb nutrients, your body is missing the building blocks it needs to grow new tissue and to heal. It’s lacking key chemicals needed for normal physiology. So it is important that your diet contains quality nutrients for your body to live off of. Do you live to eat or eat to live?
#4 Optimum Oxygen Levels & Lean Muscles:

Movement creates the necessary intake of oxygen. The movement is what transports the oxygen-rich blood through your body, and you become more efficient at the circulation, absorption, and storage of this oxygen. When this happens, your cells have the oxygen they need to survive and live in health. With a sedentary lifestyle, you’re literally choking yourself to death. Fat-to-muscle ratio imbalance: How much fat you have in comparison to lean muscle will be a determining factor in organ function and the development of many diseases and disorders.
#5 Peace with God, Peace of Mind and Strong Relationships:

Increase in stress hormones creates everything from obesity and high blood pressure to high cholesterol, decreased libido, and aging. Peace is a vital health and longevity necessity in addition to making sure you’re not miserable.

Peace with God is vital and is something that we believe in wholeheartedly. Yes, it may not be politically correct to talk about God, but it is our belief that God has called us to help as many people come to know Him through our office.
On a side note, we have had stunning success with many hundreds of practice members NOT because we are the ones doing the healing – we firmly believe that we are simply tools to remove interference in your God-given, innate ability to heal from the inside out. We don’t heal anything – you do!

5 Essentials adapted from “One Minute Wellness” – by Dr. Ben Lerner
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