Pulled Back Muscle Treatment

Pulled Back Muscle Treatment

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If you have pulled a back muscle, you will know about it. The strain in your back will be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Depending on how severe your pain is, there are various methods to treat your muscle and get you active once more.

The phrase ‘time is a great healer’ is absolutely true when it comes to pulled back muscles. It can sometimes take up to five days for the pain to ease, but in the mean time there are plenty of things you can do for yourself to relieve the pain. Most importantly, you should rest. This does not mean lying yourself in one position for a few days and till the pain eases. If you do this, your back may seize up. It is important though to rest your body, so if you go to the gym and lift weights, just take a rest from the gym for a while until your back is ready.

A pulled back muscle means that it may have become inflamed, possibly producing a small swelling of the muscle, which has contributed to your discomfort. It is always best to see your doctor before taking different types of medication, but it is highly likely that your doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs. By taking anti-inflammatory medicine, the swelling should be reduced; therefore meaning that the pain should be reduced.

By applying ice, you are not only numbing the painful area but ice application is a great method for reducing swelling too. If ice is applied to the painful area immediately after the injury is sustained, it can very beneficial in the healing of the muscle. The application of ice should not last any longer than fifteen minutes, but can be done reasonably regularly.

On the other side of things, applying heat to a pulled back muscle can work in a similar way to the application of ice. Heat can help relax the muscle meaning that no stiffness of the muscle should occur. By stopping any stiffness, the muscle should not tighten and seize up. Products such as Deep Heat are used by athletes for a reason – they work!
Above all, the best back muscle treatment is prevention of the strain in the first place. Warming up before you do any form of exercise is extremely important if you do not want to sustain any kind of injury. Just stretching out your back can reduce your chance of pulling a back muscle, and the more warm-ups and stretches you do, the less likely you are to strain your back. If you are doing heavy lifting, just ensure you are lifting the object properly, bend your legs and use your leg muscles to support the weight and don’t let your back do all the work.

Although rest is important, as you can see, many other methods can be helpful. Continue with your daily activities, do your stretches and your back should feel better with time.

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